Software Testing and Test Management

At Engel Consulting we are passionate about providing excellent software testing. 


Each software project has a unique combination of factors affecting the desired outcome, including budget, deadlines, competitor offerings, purpose, users, and more... We bring professional skills and experience to design a test approach which is tailored to your organisation and project.


We can hire and\or train a test team to work more effectively, coach the team in modern testing techniques and lead by example through hands-on testing. We have consistently built cohesive, efficient, empowered teams of engaged testers at many well-known companies. 


Our contracting and consulting terms are flexible to suit any project, large or small.



Engel Consulting is involved with the following organisations which focus on professional, ethical testing practices.


Association for Software Testing

The Association for Software Testing is dedicated to advancing the understanding of the science and practice of software testing according to Context-Driven principles..


Australian Workshop on Software Testing

The Australian Workshop on Software Testing (OZWST) is an annual peer conference on testing methods, career & professionalism, with invaluable feedback, advice & learning.


Kiwi Workshop on Software Testing 


Ministry of Testing

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