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Michael Bolton
Michael Bolton

Michael Bolton is coming to New Zealand in October to run several training courses.
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Rapid Software Testing


Christchurch 10-12 October, 2016

Auckland 18-20 October, 2016


This unique three day course introduces you to Rapid Software Testing, the skill of testing any software, any time, under any conditions, such that your work stands up to scrutiny. Based on the ideas of James Bach, Michael Bolton, and Cem Kaner, with substantial contributions by other members of the Context-Driven School of software testing, this is the closest thing in the business to a martial art of software testing... more


Training room

Wellington 14 October, 2016


This one day course builds upon the Rapid Software Testing course. Introducing a mission-focused, credible, and accountable approach to test management that is very fast, inexpensive, and delivers excellent results. Based on the practices developed by James Bach, Dr. Cem Kaner, and Michael Bolton, this class answers key questions about how to staff, plan, and run testing projects more quickly, less expensively, and entirely accountably.


The skills presented in this class are applicable in any kind of test project, from agile to traditional, but will be especially valuable in those projects where time and resources are scarce. For more detailed information visit DevelopSense or Satisfice.


Auckland 17 October, 2016


Maybe you’re a programmer, trying to identify and prevent important problems in your product before they affect your customers.  Maybe you’re a tester with skills in reading or writing code, on a mission to find problems in other people’s work.  Maybe you’re concerned about potential problems in a poorly documented third-party library or in legacy code.  No matter what, when you work with technology, you’ll soon have challenging testing problems to solve... more

"The venue and organisation before the class is wonderful. Kim and the team did an excellent job."
Francis Ho, Orion Health

"Engel Consulting communicated course details really well. The regular reminders and correct info made my life easy. I would look forward to some more courses with Engel Consulting."
Arpit Shah, Invenco Group Ltd