Kim Engel is available to present at your next IT Conference, Meetup or Training event. Past presentations are listed here for reference.
Practical Guide to Implementing Improvements

Australian Testing Days - Brisbane

November 2019

After attending conferences and getting inspired, we return to work and all-too-often settle back into the status quo. How do you make time for improvements when you already have constant demands on your time? As a tester, how much of the software development and release process is really beyond your control?

Includes case studies on:
- Finding ways to save time without compromising on quality
- Demonstrating the value of quick wins
- Navigating politics to gain support for implementing improvements

Key takeaways:

- Clear, practical steps for identifying key issues which are slowing down your team
- Prioritising improvements for maximum buy-in and support within your organisation 
- Implementing change through collaboration 

Journey to Continuous Delivery

CASTx18 - Melbourne

March 2018

Automation code was becoming outdated, releases included multi-day regression testing cycles, and production deployments were performed monthly on legacy systems by a small army of people. We were stalled on the path to continuous delivery. 

Find out how we kickstarted progress on the continuous delivery journey. Discover the detours and successes found along the way. 
Includes: obstacles to achieving multiple releases to production per day while maintaining quality, evolving skill sets, adjusting roles, engineering productivity and demonstrating success.

Enhancing the Test Team

Brisbane Software Testers Meetup

October 2017

Is your company's approach to software development moving towards agile, test automation, DevOps, continuous delivery… or all of the above?

Pragmatic tips on adapting to new development approaches, hiring testers and getting hired yourself. This talk includes suggestions for immediate improvements to your testing skillset, and long-term strategies to help reduce the potential risks with releasing builds to production frequently.

Let's Draw Some Mind Maps

Business Analysts & Business Architects - Brisbane Meetup

October 2017


Co-presented with Young Yang. Hands-on mind mapping workshop, including real-world examples of mind maps from agile software teams.

Enhancing the Test Team

Agile Testing, Test Automation & DevOps Summit - Sydney

June 2017

Practical tips for immediate improvements and long-term strategies to get the most from your test team. Including advice for Hiring, Automation, DevOps and Agile environments. 

Test Planning - Level Up!

WeTest Auckland Meetup

May 2016

Do you want to get to the next level of test planning? Come to this session and learn how to create test plans which receive relevant feedback and faster approval from stakeholders. 

This interactive workshop presented by Kim Engel will help you evolve and improve your test plans. Targeted to authors and consumers of test plans, this workshop will include a wide variety of test plan elements and formats. 


Your approach to present the subject in such an interesting way made one of the most memorable Meetup up events for our group. The highlight for me was Mindmaps/Visual Test Coverage Models!


Test Planning? Surely there isn't anything new to learn? Well, I was wrong. Thank you for confirming that is okay to have a "lean" Test Plan. 

Job Seeker Workshops

Auckland Interview Skills Meetup

May 2016 to October 2016


Interview practice in a group setting, with a local professional providing honest feedback and tips. Job seekers will be asked to answer interview questions in front of a group, in a simulated high-pressure (yet very supportive!) environment. Learn practical tips, practice speaking to a group, build your confidence, meet other professionals, and improve your chances of success at interviews. 

Various session topics, including:

  • 'Tell me about yourself...' - Interview Practice and Coaching

  • Interview Practice - Common behavioural questions

  • 3 Steps to a More Effective Job Search

  • Getting a Job Interview for the Role You Want

  • 5 Tips for Job Interview Success


Thanks a lot Kim for the superb meetup, this is one of the best ever. It was very professional and friendly.


This session was very useful and to the point. Thanks Kim for all the effort you are doing to avail such a learning opportunity to us.


Thanks a lot for your efforts. I really learnt a lot and got very positive energy regarding my future.


Workshop: Session-Based Test Management

WeTest Auckland Meetup

June 2015


Session-based test management (SBTM) is a method of tracking exploratory testing which provides confidence and accountability. Kim Engel delivers this hands-on practical workshop, including Introduction to SBTM, Practical testing exercise, Debrief and Tips for implementing SBTM in your workplace.

Recommended for testers who haven't used SBTM before, or those wanting to brush up on their skills. Participants are required to bring a laptop or tablet of their choice.


Thanks to Kim and organisers for a very informative and well run practical session. I am now an advocate for SBTM. 


Kim got through a lot in just a few hours, introducing SBTM and giving people practical experience. The Debrief with attendees was a great idea and key for helping embed new learnings.

Test Your Lunch Sessions

WeTest Auckland Meetup

February 2015 to November 2016


Small, public workshops held during the lunch hour, open to all Meetup members. 
Various session topics, including:

  • Test Metrics Challenge

  • Test Planning Dice Game

  • Why Context Matters

  • 7 Principles of Software Testing

  • Test Oracles

  • Introduction to Ministry of Testing

  • Test Heuristics

  • Lean Coffee (structured meeting format, where the agenda is generated democratically by attendees on arrival).


Enjoyed knowledge sharing from everyone and the feedback on test challenges from Kim herself! So thankful. 


Really great opportunity to meet testers from other companies and find out how people do things differently but also share common issues and find out how others deal with them.


I always learn something new , every time I attend a WeTest meetup. It was nice to see the fellow testers and know about Heuristics and other testing related challenges and struggles .


Using Mind-Maps for Test Planning

WeTest Auckland Meetup

June 2014

Hands-on session with practical exercises, including test planning, and pair-testing. 

Kim Engel has used mind-maps for Test Planning and will take us through how this approach allows testers to plan quickly and effectively, and improves collaboration and understanding.


It's always good to hear that other people have the same problems, but even better when they've thought of new ways of solving them! Thanks Kim!


Thanks Kim for a great presentation and for sharing your ideas. It was very informative and thought provoking.