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Selenium WebDriver
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Courses being held June 2017

5% off if you book two modules. 10% off if you book all three modules.


Need to bring Selenium WebDriver skills into your business? Need to improve your technical testing skills? This course can be run off-site or onsite for you at negotiable rates. Contact us now! 

Selenium WebDriver is one of the world's foremost open-source tools, used to automate web applications for testing purposes. It is becoming an increasingly important testing tool to add to the skillset of the advanced software tester.

We are offering a hands on course to teach automation using Selenium WebDriver, one of the most common open source APIs/tools available. Our course is  designed to teach you how to use Selenium - from a tester with no automation experience, to a tester with Java coding experience.

Our course has an emphasis on practical exercises and skills. We have a high student to teacher ratio - usually 3-6 students per teacher and offer support with our Slack group, where students can leverage information and experience from trainers and other students.

This course is split into three modules:

This is an introductory module for software testers with no experience with Automation tools, Object-Oriented Programming or Java. We will teach you the foundation knowledge needed to complete the Selenium Webdriver Scripting and Frameworks modules... more

This module will teach you Automation Testing with the Selenium WebDriver tool including: Basics of automation, Configuring Selenium WebDriver through Java, Maven and Eclipse, Creating a Maven Project, Writing scripts to automate testing of a demo website... more

This course follows on from our Selenium WebDriver - scripting course. It  teaches you the basics of using Frameworks with Selenium Webdriver... more

"I liked the session very much. It was really informative and good to understand some of the basic concepts too. Monika took us step by step making us understand some of the 'obvious' concepts-which a beginner can't know or understand as to how/why by being on e-world."


"She has also documented the course reference material very well, well structured. Looking fwd to the next session."