Testing for Developers

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Kateryna Nesmyelova has more than 12 years of work experience in software testing, being responsible for testing of several successful applications in various domains – from medical to workforce management.


Before moving to New Zealand she worked as a Lead Software Test Engineer, Test and QA Manager in several international companies.


Kateryna's main passion lies with testing, teaching and collaboration. "People matter" became her motto a long time ago.

What makes her a brilliant teacher is her favourite style of work - leading by example.

Testing for Developers

If you want to:

  • Improve your understanding about what testing is

  • Improve your understanding of who testers are and what they do

  • Improve testing of your own code

  • Improve the way you work and learn

  • Improve your communication with testers and speak their language

  • Know why testers ask particular questions and nag you about certain bugs

Testing for Developers is just for you.

This full-day course gives you the unique opportunity to take a look inside the testers' world. You will take part in several hands-on workshops that embrace not only testing itself, but also good bug tracking habits and improvements on communication skills.

This Testing for Developers course presents the basics of testing, improves the understanding of how testing fits into any software development lifecycle and encourages mutually beneficial conversation with testers. The course includes an overview of quality assurance practices for developers: reviews, pair programming, unit testing, static analysis, integration testing, and the key points of effective defect tracking.

With real hands-on testing exercises, including a workshop devoted to test case design and exploratory testing, you will test a cutting-edge application that uses Angular 2 and AWS. You will learn to use different approaches to testing without necessarily having exposure to the code itself.

Another 30 minute workshop will teach you a method for structuring feedback. 

The third workshop concerns proper defect management - why it's not enough to just fix a bug.

After this course non-testers will be better able to understand the objectives of testing that will allow them to communicate better with the testers, and more importantly, will allow them to create better code and collaborate with other team members effectively.

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"Really enjoyable day, I liked how varied the topics were and how it was a combination of listening and doing. The slides and quizzes will be a great resource to me and I learnt a lot more than I thought I would!"